Terms and conditions

Between: Rentauto Dominicana, SA, a company incorporated in accordance with the laws of the Dominican Republic, holder of the National Taxpayers Registry (RNC) Number 1-30-42413-6 with its registered office in the city of Santo Domingo, National District, hereinafter THE LESSOR: and, the person(s) whose data appear in the reservation, hereinafter THE LESSEE.

1. The rented vehicle will be driven solely by THE LESSEE, and if during the term of the rental the vehicle suffers any damage, or total loss, while being driven by a person not authorized by THE LESSOR, THE LESSEE acknowledges and accepts that he must pay for the totality of the damages that the vehicle has suffered, even if it has acquired all the products of the coverage program, offered by THE RENTAL COMPANY. However, THE LESSEE may designate additional drivers, who must provide THE LESSOR with their documents and valid driver's licenses, and as long as THE LESSEE covers the costs of this service, which are indicated on the back of this contract. Additionally, THE LESSEE acknowledges that the vehicle may not be used for: a) if the vehicle object of this contract is intended for the transport of passengers, it may not be used for other purposes, likewise, if it is designated for cargo transport, it may only be used for this purpose; b) to push or tow another vehicle; c) for sports events, speed races; d) under the influence of alcohol or narcotics; e) to be driven by minors; f) cross the border with Haiti, unless expressly authorized by THE LESSOR; g) to cross rivers.

2. THE LESSEE expressly agrees to pay THE LESSOR, at the end of the contract: a) The rental price up to the delivery of the vehicle, plus the taxes established by Dominican law for this type of service and other charges generated by the rental of the vehicle, such as prepaid fuel, delivery of the unit at a station other than the one rented, additional coverage, additional drivers, use of extra hours and days, which will be previously informed to THE LESSOR; b) For any malfunction or damage suffered by the vehicle during the term of this contract. Additionally, if due to accidents, theft, claims in general, the vehicle must be repaired, or if due to traffic violations, or due to the current legal regime, it is detained by the authorities, THE LESSEE is obliged to pay, THE LESSOR, the agreed daily rental rate, during the time that the repair lasts, or the legal procedures necessary for the recovery of the vehicle, this charge would be equivalent to the loss of earnings; c) In the event that THE LESSEE decides to return the vehicle before the date agreed on the front of this contract, the value quoted in the reservation for the initially requested rental time will be applied as a penalty; d) All fines, judicial and extrajudicial expenses, derived from traffic infractions or of any other kind that are directed against the vehicle in the terms of this contract, during its duration.

3. In the event of an Accident, THE LESSEE agrees to: a) Obtain a Police Certificate or from any other competent body, once the accident has occurred and deliver it within (72) hours of the event, to THE LESSOR, condition sine qua non for coverage to apply; b) Obtain the names and addresses of the people involved in the accident, as well as the information that allows the identification of the other vehicles involved; c) not abandon the vehicle without taking adequate measures to protect and safeguard it; d) complete and deliver an accident report, and inform THE LESSOR in detail of what happened. If at the time of receipt of the vehicle, THE LESSOR determines that the vehicle was repaired at THE LESSEE's own expense, without prior authorization from THE LESSOR, it could apply the collection of the charges to be incurred for the repair of the vehicle according to the standards required by the manufacturer of the rented vehicle.

4. THE LESSOR is not responsible for the personal belongings of THE LESSEE forgotten inside the vehicle or in its offices, nor for the damage or deterioration that they may suffer.

5. If any mechanical or electrical damage occurs to the vehicle, THE LESSEE must contact THE LESSOR, within a period of twenty-four (24) hours from the knowledge of the damage, to receive instructions from him, either to replace the vehicle at the place of the damage (either by telephone to the station where you rented the vehicle), or send a technician, or authorize taking the vehicle to a workshop. If THE LESSEE does not make such communication immediately or does not comply with the instructions received, THE LESSOR will not be obliged to reimburse the expense incurred due to the damage and will have the right to demand it from THE LESSEE in the event that it is paid directly.

6. THE LESSEE deposits as a guarantee advance, in the hands of THE LESSOR, the sum indicated on the back of this contract, for the fulfillment of the obligations contracted in it, without considering the violations that are committed to the clauses of the contract. THE LESSEE authorizes THE LESSOR to dispose of all or part of the deposit, as it deems appropriate, in order to cover any of the extra services of this Agreement, prior notification to THE LESSEE by email.

7. Any dispute related to the signing, execution or termination of this contract will be the jurisdiction of the Courts of the Dominican Republic. Likewise, THE PARTIES declare that the common law will govern their relations on a supplementary basis for everything that is not